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The other things that went on

Three years and five months is a long time. Yes, that’s how long it took to get this game from a first stumbling prototype to a full complete game. Here’s a short list of other stuff that went on during this time:

  • Got my first job as an audiologist
  • Moved from Stockholm to Gothenburg
  • Got a new job (where I had to wear a suit and smile creepy in order to sell implants)
  • Got hooked on snus (a highly addictive Swedish tobacco product)
  • Got a new job again (no suit and implants, still smiling though)
  • Got off snus
  • Was on the receiving end of a sub machine gun drive by
  • Got hooked on snus again
  • Got a new apartment with less bullet holes
  • Got married and lived happily ever after

Looking back on all those things really tells me how long the Grandpa development process was. I have such respect for Daisuke Amaya and Stephen Orlando or anyone who created a full lengthy game all on their own. Seeing that others had done it before me was truly inspiring.

The next thing ahead is to create the mac version of Grandpa’s Colorful Quest…but my head is also occupied with a much smaller and shorter game. Anyway, I won’t be starting any other three year projects in the very near future. Btw, I’m off snus again.

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Grandpa is released!

The final version is out! 90 missions spread over more than 30 unique levels and 9 worlds. Go to the download page to get it. Thank you everyone who helped out during beta testing, and big hugs and kisses to my wife for all the support and help!

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So close

I will probably be releasing Grandpa today or tomorrow. It’s been a long time since I started, and finally being close to release feels…strange. A friend told me to beware of the “getting out of prison” depression 😉

Anyway, three years of slow but steady coding, designing and music making has resulted in something good.

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13 levels so far

The main game will hold 27 levels spread over 9 worlds. Today I finished the 13:th level, so I´m almost half way there. The beta (demo) is still the same (3 levels), I won’t add any more levels there, i’ts much more fun delivering the whole package when it’s done.

Also: I always wanted to have a goat, so I made one for the game. It’ll do for now.

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The best gift

Some of you may think of freedom, the company of others or even life itself as the best gift. My girlfriend knows better. Today she gave me a Sega Saturn.

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Wednesday means programming day!

Those of you who have tested the beta know that there are 3 levels available. Right now I´m working on more levels, I´ve almost finished 10 so far. The biggest obstacle is the editor which is very crude…so crude it could never make sense to anyone but me I think. Today I made some new features that will save me a lot of time in making levels (I can now insert enemies with a mouse click!!!), but unfortunatley as it looks right now there will be no editor available in any release of the game. I´m still considering myself a beginner when it comes to programming, so every step in making level design easier is a huge boost for me.

Also we are about to move to a new apartment so its time to pack the computer. Not being able to program for some time really sucks. The reason we are moving is quite…interesting. Ill tell you more some other time.


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